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E-Application Online(Executive condo eligibility)

Executive Condominium Application Procedure

Executive condo eligibility

E-Applicants (1st timers ,HDB upgraders)are normally invited to initial showflat opening , therefore they do not need to rush in to view showflats during public launch and furthermore, the prices might increase .

To apply for a unit at any Executive Condominium project, you can first register your interest for more information or schedule an appointment. Once you are ready and have met all the eligibility requirements, you can book a unit. (Sales Hotline:98348607)

During booking, you will need to furnish the following documents:

  1. Blank cheque (for 5% booking fee)
  2. Latest 15 month CPF Contribution History
  3. Latest 3 months payslips
  4. Marriage Certificate (if married)
  5. NRICs of all applicants

Depending on your unique circumstance, you might be asked to furnish additional documents.

Pre-Launch & Balloting Exercise

A balloting exercise will be conducted during the initial launch of an Executive Condominium project. Only applicants who have expressed their interest during the pre-launch phase will be eligible to participate in the ballot. Ballot participants will be given priority in unit selection, in addition, some developers give additional discounts/freebies to ballot participants.

Thus, if you are interested in an Executive Condominium project, I strongly recommend that you submit your name for the balloting exercise to enjoy the additional benefits. There is no penalty if you choose not to make a purchase on booking day. Please contact me at 98348607 to add your name to the ballot.

You can participate in more than 1 concurrent applications for BTO, DBSS and Executive Condominiums. However, you can only book 1 unit at the end of the day.

CPF Housing Grants for Executive Condominium

First-timers will be able to apply

CPF Family Grant - Up to $30,000


Type of Grant Available

Grant Amount
Average Monthly Household Income <$10,001 Average Monthly Household Income >$10,000 but <$11,001 Average Monthly Household Income >$11,000 but <$12,001
SC / SC Household SC / SPR Household SC / SC Household SC / SPR Household SC / SC Household SC / SPR Household
CPF Housing Grant for Family $30,000 $20,000* $20,000 $10,000* $10,000 $0*
Half Housing Grant
(If you are a first-timer citizen and your spouse has previously enjoyed a housing subsidy)
$15,000 $10,000 $5,000


*If you are from an SC/SPR household, you can enjoy the full housing subsidy by applying for the Citizen Top-Up when your SPR partner takes up Singapore Citizenship or when you have an SC child.

Payment Schemes & Financing for Executive Condominium

Progressive and Deferred Payment Schemes are usually offered to all purchasers. Please check with me @98348607 to ascertain whether both payment schemes are available for the Executive Condominium Project you are interested in. To finance your purchase, you will likely need to utilize a combination of personal savings, CPF Grants (if applicable), CPF funds and bank loan.

You will not be able to take a HDB loan to finance your Executive Condominium purchase.



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